Wow: Small Cool 2008!

The Winners of the Apartment Therapy Small Cool 2008 contest were just announced, and I am really taken by the East Coast winners’ abode: Tony and Hilary’s tiny space looks like the penultimate in organized living. I am so impressed with the floor plan that I’m feeling like our own apartment is a tad too big! Maybe its all of the downsizing I’ve been doing this year: selling CDs and books, getting rid of clothing and other non-essentials. I keep kidding with Rory that I’m preparing to move across the country, but what I really mean is that un-cluttering your life can become a really nice addiction. I am so inspired by this Small Cool winner that I wanted to link to it here, so that I remember this over the weekend when I’m going through stuff I’m holding on to for no reason! Think of the potential for relaxation and calm in a space where you know where every thing is.

Too Cool. Bravo.

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  1. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    I don’t like clutter at all. We throw EVERYTHING out. Even things that I wonder if we should keep. We’re always getting rid of something.

    And I also feel like our house is too big. But, our family keeps getting bigger, so who knows! Maybe we’ll grow into it.

    I read about an architect who designs tiny houses. The house he lives in is 200 square feet. Neat.

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